Custom Magnetic Wood Sign

Custom Magnetic Wood Sign

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Use our interactive design tool to create any custom wood sign imaginable! Gather, Welcome Home, Welcome to our wedding, Family Est. 2018, Name Signs, ANYTHING!

Not your ordinary sign story... this is how did we got here... 

After we married James and I had a bunch of wood signs we bought laying around. Signs like Welcome To Our Wedding, #JamesMarriesKacy, Drink Bar, etc.... what can you do with them? VERY VERY LITTLE.... #moneydownthedrain

We thought there should be a better sign for people to use for different occasions and came up with our real hardwood magnetic sign. 

Our requirements were simple.

*1 - The sign must be universal. Change the words, rearrange the letters, hang it, stand it, decorate with it.

*2 - The sign must be customizable. Additional letter packs, word packs, seasonal packs, should be available.

*3 - The sign must use the best material. A sign to last longer than a wedding. Sign must be reusable over time and look great doing it.

*4 - The sign must be beautiful. Create a custom made magnetic wood sign that is indistinguishable next to a custom made wood sign.

After creating the magnetic wood sign, we realized it's very unique, and not something people know exists.... that's not a good problem to have.... We decided to go the extra mile and build a designer tool that let's you create your own sign. This way you can see how creating your own sign can be easier when you can move, turn, rotate, curve, expand, and change the font rather than using one of our designs. 

While building the designer tool we realized some people won't want the magnetic wood sign so we included more traditional styles. We also have vinyl lettering, hand painted lettering, and wood lettering that get permanently attached to the non-magnetic wood sign version we also carry.