Woodworking as a team

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about what its like to work on a business with my significant other. The preconceived notion is that it’s either wonderful... or terrible. The reality is far less polarized and somewhere in the middle. We have amazing days when we’re laughing in the workshop and riffing off each others’ creative ideas. The vulnerability we’ve fostered as husband & wife allows us to share dreams freely and push our collective thinking.

woodworkers in san francisco, husband and wife team

There are also really tough days, when we don’t agree or one of us is feeling overwhelmed by stress and worry (usually me, the crier lol…). During the tough times, our communication HAS to be open and fair. We try to quickly recognize when we’re speaking out of emotion (rather than logic) and are intentional about showing respect. We squash disagreements quickly, making sure not to leave things up in the air for long.

We’re still a work in progress - just like our business. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride.